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【Names】:HGM Series Ultra-Fine Mill

【Application Fields】HGM series three-ring ultra-fine mill is the world leading grinding equipment which adapts the Swedi...
Product Description

HGM Series Ultra-Fine Mill is the new patent product researched and produced solely by Shanghai Shunky. It comes out on the basis of the R&D department’s years' practice and experience of grinding mill, combines with the years’ practical matter of clients’ using grinding machinery, targets the demand of grinding industry development and starts a new epoch of high efficiency and low cost in international grinding industry.


1. Unique design and various product sizes. In the grinding chamber of the machine, a 1500kg~2000kg compressing device is designed and installed on the upper part of the star rack, which increases the grinding force imposed on the material to 800~1500kgf, the finest finished product to 1000 mesh and the production consumes the same power by 10- 30%.

2. Environmentally friendly. The dust removal effect of the high pressure suspension mill meets the national standard of dust control.

3. Tightness. The adoption of multi- stage sealing and premium processing technique keeps the grinding equipment closed tightly, which lengthens its service life.

4. Low operating cost. The wearing parts are made from premium materials. This improvement makes the equipment perform longer and reduces the cost of the clients.

5. Improved utilization rate. When the wearing between the grinder roll and the grinding ring enlarges to a certain extent, the length of high pressure spring can be adjusted to keep the constant grinding force between the grinder roll and the grinding ring, which ensures stable layout and fineness.

Average  Diameter (mm)80093010351300          
NO.Ring of Roller33~4344
  Main Shaft Speed(r.p.m.)230~240200~220180~200135~155
  Feeding Size(mm)≦20
  Output Sizeμm5~47
  Capacity (t/H)500~4500600~6500700~70001000-85001500-12000
  Motor Power(kw)Main Engine55-752×37-2×45110110-132160-185
Air Bolwer18.522373745
Powder Collector455575752-55
Bucket Elevator33344
Spiral Conveyor33332-4
Discharge Valve2×0.752×0.753×0.752×0.75-1×1.14×1.1
Air Compressor7.5151515-22l
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