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Shanghai Shunky Crushers are Shining in Lebanon Market!

Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. is one professional manufacturer of many kinds of crushers. She can provide a full set solution of stone crushing plant and production line of sand producing plant . After several years of precipitation and accumulation, the PE seriesjaw crusher, PF series Impact Crusher, VSI Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher, CS series cone crusher , DG series hydraulic cone crusher, oil lubrication vibrating screen etc. of Shanghai Shunky have gradually matured, the product quality has been more and more get recognized by the market and customers. The HPF series of hydraulic adjustment impact crusher is very popular with in the Lebanese market. With reliable product quality, good after-sales service, Shanghai Shunky not only sold numbers of HPF series of hydraulic impact crusher and jaw crusher, and through a long time accumulation, get the customer's trust, currently we have agent in Lebarnon, who can provide customers with better advisory services and technical guidance.HPF series hydraulic adjustment impact crusher is not only reasonable structure, good shape of finished product size, high efficiency production, and due to the automatic adjustment of the discharge opening device, making the operation more simple and convenient, reducing the cost of running, so many customers prefer this kind of products. At present in the Lebanese market, Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. has sold more than 10 sets of such counter crusher, its performance and price has been widely recognized by customers.Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. will spare no effort to improve the quality and performance of the equipment, put more high quality equipment into the market, to create more profit for customers and company. Learn more>>

Jaw Crusher Machine Is So Important for Construction Waste Recycling

In the twenty-first century, we are still in the path of sustainable development. In response to the call of national environmental protection, we, mining machinery industry, also try our best to limite environment pollution to the least. Construction waste recycling, for one thing is to reuse wastes, for the other thing is to reduce environment pollution. For construction waste recycling, jaw crusher is essential. Jaw rock crushing machine is an important crushing equipment. Its has large crushing ratio, universal granularity and simple structure. Thus, it is particularly suitable for the coarse and medium crushing of various ores. Jaw crusher is usually used as primary or secondary crusher in mining, infrastructure, construction waste recycling projects. For the materials jaw crusher breaking, such as steel, concrete, are all of good toughness and can not be easily broken. Jaw crusher plays an obvious role in construction waste treatment recycling, saving resources. It's a treasure environmental friendly crushing equipment.Shanghai Shunky, professional jaw cusher manufacturers, mainly produce JCE, PE, SKJ jaw crusher. In recent years, Shanghai Shunky booms, improving their products constantly. And their product get a last favor. Learn more>>

Jaw crusher Create the Record in Economy

In today's social and economic developments, many industries develop based on energy conservation. On the one hand, save resources can contribute to the country, on the other hand, it brings advantages such as saving cost. Many construction industries realize energy savings in the development process through the application of jaw crusher.In working process, a lot of time and resources will be consumed, and in all of these applications of construction industry the consumption of electricity is the most obvious. Although it is supported by electricity, it also caused waste of energy to some extent. However, in terms of jaw crusher, there is little worry about wasting national resources. When using this kind of crushing equipment, there is declining in the magnitude of electricity consumption. According to the relevant data shows that about electricity consumption decreased 1-2KWh a day in limestone crushing by jaw crusher, then those companies can save $ 100,000 by electricity.These funds can be used for other facilities construction and engineering. At the same time, power resources of the nation are tremendous contributed. So by jaw crusher, we can cut costs and create a new record in economic income. Learn more>>

Powerful JCE Jaw Crusher Aids the Users of Mining Industry

In today's trend of social development, JCE jaw crusher made by Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co, Ltd plays an important role. Not only has a strong crushing capacity, but also it provides high quality aggregate for the industry in big construction project.Shunky JCE jaw crusher references the latest EU standards to revise design, advanced and reasonable. The whole device uses integrated steel structure to ensure that it is more powerful in high hard material crushing. And the machine is greatly improved in efficiency. The shortening of the entire process make the economic efficiency is greatly improved. Overall steel bearing also ensures full cooperation with the frame, which greatly enhancing the radial strength of the bearing seat, while split bearing not. Many of the features make Shunky JCE jaw crusher more stable in performance.As the leading manufacturer specializing in machinery, Shunky European version JCE jaw crusher earns the praise overwhelmingly. It is inseparable from strong crushing efficiency and easy installation. During the installation operation, the JCE jaw crusher is simpler and not subjected to working site. It also saves costs and reduces consumption for the majority of industry users. Learn more>>

Jaw Crusher is Inseparable with Limestone Crushing

Limestone is a kind of important building material. it has a long history in China's construction industry. Apart from the application in Cement, lime, calcium carbide, limestone is indispensable in metallurgy, roads, railways, etc.. In addition, after the ultra-fine grinding of processing, it can be applied to paper, rubber, paint, pharmaceuticals, bonding, polishing and other product.Crushing effect of Jaw crusher is extremely excellent with the cubic shape of finished product. While the other kind of crusher is not good in product quality, but the crushing chamber requires the cushion of materials for protecting the broken wall, which serious waste resources. The jaw crusher chamber adopts high wear-resistant material, no material wasted. And Shanghai Shunky jaw crusher is in good performance, high yield. In recent years, with complete model, and an overall improvement compared to traditional jaw crusher, Shunky jaw crusher is different.In recent years, Shanghai Shunky continuous makes efforts on research and development to improve jaw crusher. Shunky grows in setbacks and develops in difficulties. Shanghai Shunky provides best quality raw materials for the construction, which will greatly benefit the development of China's infrastructure. Learn more>>

The Development of Highway is Closely Bound Up Jaw Crusher

The domestic economy has been developed rapidly as well as the development of road construction. Both of them have promoted production of jaw crusher greatly developed. It has reached a consensus that excellent gravel must be used in modern quarry. But from the highway traffic problems, the production of crushed stone material, there are many problems, such as coarse gravel size, serious, gravel mixture segregation in the needle flake content exceeds bid, feed instability, mixture gradation change constantly, and so on, seriously affect the quality of the pavement construction.Highway construction has strict requirements on the use of stone. stone quality includes two aspects: one is the resource characteristics of the rock mechanical strength, durability, chemical stability, surface features and the presence of harmful impurities, etc., according to the technical specification asphalt layer with coarse aggregate shall meet the quality requirements Second, processing characteristics, mainly including particle size and size distribution, particle shape, particle composition, cleanliness, and the consistency of the 0.075 mm particle content, etc.The jaw crusher researched in Shanghai Shunky has eliminated the above shortcomings, and the gravel produced by it completely satisfy highway construction. Learn more>>