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Shanghai Shunky Jaw Crusher Boosts Highway Construction With Strong Power

The highway construction in China still has a large developing space. Highway construction is a main theme of current area. Shanghai Shunky Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd grasps this opportunity its R&D on mechanical equipment. It tries to build the best brand for domestic industrial users. Shunky jaw crushers have strong efficacy. It can save both time and effort. It is the necessary specialized mechanical equipment for many domestic construction enterprises. Shunky jaw crusher plays an pivotal role in highway development today. When crushing materials with extreme large size and super hardness. The effect is much more significant. Highway construction has a very strict requirement on the aggregates. If the material sizes is not uniform, it will cause the terrible base of the highway. It will eventually leads to boiling and some other quality problems. Shunky jaw crusher has advanced structure design, strong power. The aggregates it produced is with a good grain shape and uniform size, in line with the state's strict standards for building materials. In the site of highway construction, you will see that the aggregates produced by Shanghai Shunky jaw crusher are with good quality, and by peers in the industry. Shunky jaw crusher also has the advantage of large handling capacity, powerful crushing effect. The machine has satisfied the customers extremely during its operation. It also reflects the fundamental propose of environment protection which was raised by the state initially. Thereby, it has slowed the contamination and damages construction industry users suffered. This is really the green equipment. Learn more>>

During the First Half of 2014, Shanghai Shunky Achieved a New Height

With pioneering spirit, we adhere to the dream. On 18, July, Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd held semi-annual summarization convention in the year of 2014. And the center of the assembly: despite the difficulties, the company, under the correct leadership of the general manager and the manager of each department, had achieved outstanding results through all staff's unremitting efforts. In terms of sales, Shunky had completed more than half of the total annual task of 2014. And the work of delivery, installation, etc, has completed smoothly. And Shunky has put into production successfully in the production line of various places.Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture specialized in crushing and sand making. the Jaw Crusher is widely accepted by customers for its high quality. Another equipment is sand making machine. The reasons that 6S sand maker could be put into the market so quickly include two aspects. For one thing, it relies on the technological innovation. This equipment not only has stable performance but also can crush the materials into sand and stone aggregates. Besides, it also has the function of reshaping. For another thing, Shanghai Shunky new sand maker adopts wear-resistant material which can prolong the service life, reduce the maintenance cost, to the greatest degree. With good performance and high efficiency, we will also keep our original advantage, constantly absorb and study international advanced technology, improve our scientific and technological strength, create leading technical skill in the industry, and constantly develop our competitiveness with higher value in the market.Shanghai Shunky achievements have become the history, and our sales performance has become the yesterday. Shanghai Shunky will continue to gather its power of today, and blow the horn for the battle in the next half year. Learn more>>

It is a Necessity to Use Jaw Crusher for Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

It has been several decades since the first jaw crusher came out. With continuous improvement, the jaw crusher has promotedin efficiency and the shape of the material. However, jaw crusher has a newproblem- energy saving.The rapid development of economy improvepeople's living standards, make us live better. But the development modelcaused great harm to our environment. It also brings great pressure to theearth. Now people have realized the severity of this problem, so some of thempromote the philosophy of environmental protection lifestyle. Jaw crusher asone of the main equipment, completing the jaw crusher energy-saving research isthe key step for the promotion of the mining machinery industry.As the leader of jaw crusher manufacturer,Shanghai Shunky take the first to practice new energy saving policy. It provedthe feasibility of the policy implementation by their own practice, whichplayed a good role models.The product of JCE jaw crusher, SKJ jawcrusher, PE jaw crusher made by Shanghai shunky are strictly in accordance withthe state environmental standards, play an important role for greenenvironmental protection society. But we also make it clear that there stillexist a lot of high energy consumption and serious pollution industry in China.It is still a long way to go want for new energy saving and emission reduction.Only by the guidance of national policy and the joint efforts of us can we make it. Learn more>>

Different Jaw Crushers Adjust Discharge Opening in Different Ways

  Jaw crusher is one of the most common crushing equipments in the crushing machinery industry, it is mainly used in industries of mining, coal and cement, etc. in crushing process, jaw crusher is used in the first crushing step, namely thick broken or medium broken. Some specifications can also be used as fine crushing equipment in other sectors.   There are three kinds of jaw crusher produced in Shanghai Shunky, they are respectively PE series jaw crusher, JCE series Euro jaw crusher and SKJ series Euro jaw crusher. The biggest difference among them is the adjustment of discharge opening. PE series jaw crusher is the way of washer regulator. By inserting and removing shims to adjust the seat of crusher equipment to do forward or backward movement , so as to decrease or increase the effect of the discharge opening.Using this way can make the crusher works reliably, increases adjusting range, and improves the flexibility of crushing equipment. JCE series jaw crusher adopts wedge to adjust the discharge opening, which is faster and more convenient. SKJ series jaw crusher chooses the method of hydraulic pressure to finish adjustment, which saves much more time and effort.   Compared with the other two kinds of crusher equipment, there is a improvement of SKJ series jaw crusher, which is the motor is directly put on the crusher and becomes integral with the machine. It will be much easier when the integrated transmission system is installed.Customers can choose different series of crushing equipment according to their specific circumstances. Learn more>>

Daily Maintenance of Jaw Crusher

   Any equipment will go wrong. If we can learn some knowledge about the equipment, we can reduce the accident rate and extend the lifespan of jaw crusher. And now we can give you some suggestions as following hope they can help you.    Firstly, lubrication1.Lubricate the mahine frequently, ensuring the machine run in good condition and extend its lifespan.2.The lubricating grease being injected to the bearing seat will be the 50%-70% of the volume. The grease will change once a time every 3-6 months. When change grease, we should use clean gasoline or kerosene to clean the bearing seat.3.The lubricating grease will change according to the working area and climate.    Secondly, possible trouble and solve methods2.wheel moves with movable jaw stands still: reasons:1.spring breakage, 2. Tension rod breakage,3. Toggle plate breakage3.Jaw plates shake: reasons:1. The bolts loose, 2. The bolts break4.Fly wheel looses: reasons: 1.Clamping sets loose and wear out, 2. Fastening sets loose5.Bearing temperature is high: reasons:1. Lubricating grease is not enough, 2. Lubricating grease is dirty, 3. Bearing is damage.   Above daily maintenance methods are got from the operators with rich experience for many years. Thanks for your support and help Learn more>>

The Importance of Jaw Crusher in Stone Crushing Plant

Shanghai Shunky specializes in producing a variety of different specifications of crushing equipment that can satisfy the needs of stone crushing plant,playing a different role in the stone crushing line. The rational combinations of each device as a whole greatly improve efficient production. Jaw crusher is the first step in crushing equipment of the whole plant. The crushing principle of it is simple, but highly efficient and energy saving. It is favorable as crusher facilities. Jaw crusher plays a part of achieving coarse broken in the stone production line, It’s generally acknowledged that the chunks should be broken into smaller materials and then the next step to crush. Jaw crusher work well in this process. In the beneficiation process, the majority of mineral ore and gangue minerals closely mixed with each other and even disseminated. Then we need to use jaw crusher and finally separate them. Stone crushing plant plays a very important role, even determines whether the subsequent plant can work well, and also influence the final particle size. In order to ensure a productive line, it’s necessary to choose a jaw crusher of high quality. After the rapid development in recent years, the types of equipment in Shanghai Shunky are more complete and better. Automation, large-scale, environmental protection equipment constantly emerged. The lay out of stone crushing plant is reasonable. Quality of facilities and services are prefect and praised by users. Learn more>>