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Shanghai Shunky Keeps Improving Jaw Crusher Qualities Through the Magic Weapon—Technological Innovation

As we all know, whether large-scale infrastructure construction or small project, aggregates play an irreplaceable role in constructions. It is crucial, because its quality is directly related to the overall quality of the project. Therefore, the state has demanded repeatedly that shoddy aggregates are strictly forbidden from flowing into construction markets. High-quality sand and gravel aggregate is inseparable from excellent rushing equipment. Shanghai Shunky through technological innovations has always put the idea of "Forging high-quality jaw crusher for customers" into practice. Shanghai Shunky deeply knows that "Excellent aggregates are inseparable from good equipment". Jaw crusher as the first step of aggregate crushing plays a crucial role in the whole crushing process. Quality of jaw crusher will directly impact on the quality of sand and gravel aggregate. Therefore, jaw crusher will develop towards the direction of high-tech, high-quality, high-performance, and long service life direction to meet the huge market demand. Technology and quality are the foundation for the long-term development of enterprises. In the globalized market, technology is taking lead in the market. Shanghai Shunky clearly knows that an enterprise without core technology will lose their competitiveness advantage. Therefore, Shanghai Shunky jaw crusher, cone crusher and other products are integrated with many new technologies and the product quality is also greatly improved. Learn more>>

Jaw Crusher Is the Pillar Device in Sand and Gravel Aggregate Production

In stone production line, we need to be familiar with the performances of each device and make appropriate adjustments to make it more energy-efficient in aggregates production. However, among so many crushing devices, which one is the most important crusher? Jaw crusher would undoubtedly become the answer.One thousand readers have one thousand Hamlet in eye. Of course, people also holds different opinions on the most important equipment. Some believes screening equipment is the most important, for without it we can’t not get our materials accurately and quickly. Some think that conveyors are the most important without the stable and continuous transportation of conveyors, neither the screens nor the crushers can work properly. However, I think Jaw crusher is the most important equipment. We can find the figure of jaw crushers in each working site. Without jaw crusher, stones would not change into the perfect materials we needed.Though vibrating screens and conveyors are all very important, sometimes, we can make materials get into next process equipment automatically through taking advantages of the terrain. And about the screening, some customers do not have detailed requirements on the granularity of products. Thus, vibrating screens are not needed. However, in stone aggregates production, crushing equipment can never be saved. Thus, jaw crusher is undoubtedly the most important device. Certainly, with the cooperation of vibrating screens and conveyors, our working efficiency will be improved and the energy consumption will be reduced. Our product can also be with higher qualities. Learn more>>

Good News for Shunky - Many Customers Come to Visit

Quality achieve brand to create value. Shanghai Shunky deserves the reputation for its attention to the quality of products. Recently customers flocked in Shanghai Shubky, which brings higher enthusiasm and passion for employees in Shanghai Shunky.Shanghai Shunky is famous domestic mining machinery and equipment manufacturers. After years of development, Shanghai Shunky making its own brand value has been greatly promoted in technology accumulation and fine quality and service. The brand "Shanghai Shunky" has become a household name for many machinery manufacturers. High quality jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine with fair price, are truly trustworthy products.Recently, the Shanghai Shunky welcomed customers at home and abroad, including Anhui, Guizhou, Yunnan, Gansu, Qinghai and other foreign clients such as Australia, Belgium. We introduce the product from the aspects of structure, performance etc. The latest generation sand making equipments made by Shanghai Shunky are completely welcomed by the market. By professional introduction, many products have been highly praised by customers. Learn more>>

The Role of Jaw Crusher in Sand Making Plant

Mining machinery industry has experienced rapid development in the past ten years, and the jaw crusher also developed very well. Now the jaw crusher made by Shanghai shunky is widely used in highway, railway and ore crushing, and it can crush large and hard stones. Its advantages of high crushing ratio, simple structure, reliable working and easy maintenance make it popular. Now jaw crusher is often used in sand making plant. Let me introduce its role in the whole plant.In a whole sand making plant, the material is conveyed to jaw crusher from vibrating feeder firstly. Then the material is conveyed to the cone crusher or impact crusher for further crushing. After several stages’ crushing, the material will be screened by vibrating screen. It is easy to see that jaw crusher plays an important role in the whole plant. The following stages cannot be processed without jaw crusher, and it is the foundation of the whole plant. Now Shanghai shunky provides various jaw crushers, including traditional PE series, European JCE series and hydraulic SKJ series. The above types are widely used in sand making plant.Jaw crusher is the most important crusher in this industry, and it occupies a large share in stone crusher market. Shanghai shunky’s superior jaw crusher can reduce customers’ investment costs and improve crushing efficiency. Learn more>>

The Importance of Spare Parts for Jaw Crusher

Spare parts are the most important parts for jaw crusher. In general, the life span of the parts is long compared with other crushers. However, the spare parts need to be changed and maintained regularly to ensure the machine’s normal and efficient work. The spare parts of jaw crusher include jaw plates, toggle plate, side plate, V-belt and so on. Compared with the main unit, spare parts are some medium-sized or small components, but they play important roles in the working of the machine.As the development of technology, different jaw crushers are researched and produced, which also means jaw crusher is important for a stone crushing plant. As we all know, jaw crusher is always used as primary crushing machine. The large bulk hurts the cavity of machine easily in working process. The spare parts can protect the machine well and make the machine under a good working condition.The abrasion of spare parts is heavy, so the suppliers should choose superior spare parts manufacturers. Shanghai shunky has high-quality machining in producing jaw crusher, and it is cautious in choosing spare parts. From the above, we know that Shanghai shunky is a reliable supplier of mining machinery. Learn more>>

Shanghai Shunky Produces Jaw Crushers with Stable Performances

Jaw crusher is mainly used in the intermediate crushing and communication of sand and gravel aggregates. It has wide applications in producing processes, in which it is usually used as primary crusher. Jaw crusher has an convenient operation, and easy maintenance. It is energy efficient, and can adapt to materials like granite, limestone, river gravel, basalt,etc easily. Shanghai Shunky jaw crusher has excellent and stable quality. It's the preferred equipment with high crushing efficiency. Shanghai Shunky has fully absorbed currently most advanced science and technologies, optimized its design, and improved its techniques. This has improved the kinematics and dynamics performances of the crushing equipment essentially. Thus, the performance of jaw crusher is greatly improved. Shanghai Shunky jaw crushers are all equipped with high quality accessories, such as the movable jaw plate and wearable stationary jaw plate. These parts are all made of high manganese and high chrome materials. These materials are of high hardness, and wear resistance. It can effectively improve the service life of the equipment. Our equipment adopts unique deep cavity crushing, which is especially suitable for hard rock crushing. The machine is both energy efficient and has stable qualities. Shanghai Shunky Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaging in the R&D, and production of mining machinery equipment. It focuses on the development and production of core products with unremitting efforts. It strives to make the new generation crusher more environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and with high efficiency while maintaining the original high quality of the device. Then, we can provide customers with more and better purchase choices. Learn more>>