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New Kind of Sand Making Machine Acclimates Social Development

The latest sand making machine in Shunky is the sign of the era, the machinery industry has been into the new level. This kind of machine is a new generation sand making machine with the most advantaged level produced by us. With the long- term technology and modern processing equipment development, we ensure the perfect cost and reliability and it has become experimental among the same equipment. This kind of equipment is combined with China’s industrial condition and it also introduces the latest fruits from the authority of experts from German. And it has been the third generation sand making machine with high performance via improvement,The new type of sand making machine is of great use in society, which provides the highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction and concrete mixing station with good aggregate and it is the best choice to make artificial sand, stone plastic and etc.On the basis of its unique characters and wide applications, the new sand making machine has quickly attracted lots of attention among the rapid development of machinery industry. Though the new sand making machine in Shunky is famous, we would still try our best to research new machine to meet the demand of more domestic and foreign users. Learn more>>

Shunky Sand Making Machine is Popular In Market

Though the competition is fierce in machinery field, Shunky VSI series Sand Making Machine win customers prefer by high quality and perfect after-sale service.Shunky VSI series the third generation Sand Making Machine with reasonable structure, high quality and high capacity. Shunky Sand Making Plant consists of Vibrating Feeder, Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher or Cone Crusher, Vibrating Screen, etc. Shunky Sand Making Machine can produce artificial sand for construction, which is the first choice for making sand.Shunky machinery can send professional engineers to solve the problems of Sand Making Machine in free, and we have internet sale and following system. Learn more>>

Shunky sand making machine will have a wide market

Manufactured sand, that is different from natural sand, is made by sand making machine, and its function is the same as natural sand. The natural sand has some charaters,for example, cheap price and steady. Now ,sand in river has been washed seriously and its steady is bad, so the artifactual sand is concered by people.Manufactured sand is welcomed by clients,which is a chance for sand making machine. Based construction, for example highway construction and railway construction, make the sand making machine develop forwarad. But at the same time, many clients has a higher standard in the quality and function. But the crushing equipment has the character of slowly updating, and must accord with the demand that equipment is enviromental and saving energy. New sand making machine is concered by people. The sand making machine made by Shanghai shunky machinery co,ltd has some advantage:quick wear part can be used for a long timeand works efficiently after sales aervice is considerate. The sand making machine made by Shanghai shunky making machinery co,ltd is improved basing on latest reseach result of authoritive experts from germany,and connecting with Chinese present working conditions. It is specially suitable for making qaulified stone and sand for hignway, high building, hydropower dam construstion,concrete mixing station. The sand making machinery is the top prefering equipment in artifical sand making and stone reashing indusry. Learn more>>

Sand-making Machines go High-end Line and Transit to Free Economy

Sand making industry in China has experienced a long road of development. In the industry, there are various kinds of sand-making machines, which have complex structures and a wide range of applications, so the demand is large. With the rapid development of economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development, and in accordance with the correct guidelines of the nation, it is necessary to achieve the innovation-oriented transition on sand-making machines’ development and the transition to benefit growth from extensive growth on economic operation. The industry of sand-making machines, as an important support industry for economic development, will greatly show the competition on brand culture of sand-making machines in the increasingly fierce market competition. Shanghai Shunky has an experience of nearly 20 years, and we always keep on being excellent, keeping up with the times, and being engaged in R & D of high technologies and trying to be an international brand. The sand making machines, crushers, mobile crushing plants, crushing production lines, vibrating screens and other mining equipments we have produced have superior quality and reasonable price, and we provide comprehensive after-sale service and have high efficient managerial mechanism, which all have laid the tough basis for the establishment of the high-end sand-making machine brand. Learn more>>

The Demand of Artificial Sand drives the Development of Crushing Machinery Industry

The decreasing of natural sand makes a new chance for sand making machine industry. According to reports, the limitation of getting sand from mine field and river is to protect the environment, so it can guarantee the development of sand making machine industry.In addition, along with the increase of the price of house and many serious social problems, security housing becomes one important work of the government a large amount of sand is needed and is considered commonly a business opportunity, sand making machine has a large market.Based on all the situations, artificial sand becomes more popular. Sand making machine is a good choice, the reason why we believe that is its advantages which make sand making machine become the only choice. Shanghai Shunky machinery Co., Ltd majors in manufacturing sand making machine, crushing machine, screening machine and so on. Our sand making machine and other crushers have been exported to Russia, Mongolia, middle Asia, Africa and so on. Learn more>>

VSI Sand Making Machine Shows Its Quality on the Details

Sand making machine is familiar for who is familiar with mining machinery. It is a kind of important sand making equipment. Especially in sand making plant, it decided the efficiency of whole plant. At present, there are many kinds of sand making machines in market. These sand making machines are different in design and machining which decide the efficiency of machines. VSI sand making machine made by Shanghai shunky is the most advanced, and it shows its quality on the details.Firstly, the design of double oil pumps is very useful. Only one oil pump works normally. The other oil pump works once the first pump cannot work, and it will replace the former one. This design will avoid that the oil pump’s breakdown leads to the whole machine’s breakdown, and ensures the machine works normally.Moreover, Shanghai shunky’s sand making machine has double motors, which provide large power and improve the efficiency of equipment. There are some manufacturers adopt single motor which efficiency is very low. It is because that the rotor of sand making machine is turn with speed, and the machine will lose balance and the main shaft will break with single motor. In addition, the design of lubrication station is very clever. The traditional sand making machine adopts grease. Too high or low temperature will have a bad effect on lubrication. VSI sand making machine adopts thin oil lubrication. The water treatment system will start to cool the oil when the temperature is too high when the temperature is too low, the thin oil will be warmed to ensure the normal working of lubrication system. Learn more>>