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SKJ European Version Jaw Crusher Sells Well in Domestic Market

When European version jaw crusher is mentioned, we may get that this equipemnt is mainly exported to abroad countries. Shanghai Shunky currently already has multiple products, as SKJ European version jaw crusher, vibrating screen, sand making machine, cone crusher, vibrating feeder, etc exported to a variety of countries, like Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Malaysia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia, Australia, Peru, Brazil and many other country and regions. Since Shunky third season, SKJ European version jaw crusher also began to flourish in domestic market. For example, some two SKJ jaw crusher working scene runs well in Guangdong. Equipped with other devices, it now has an output up to 500 tons. Jaw crusher is a long history crushering equipment, and it has wide application ranges and strong crushing efficiencies. All along, Shanghai Shunky machinery has sticked to developing new type high efficiency jaw crushers. While SKJ european version jaw crusher is the upgraded version of PE series. It has also show its great advantages in home and abroad mine exploitations.SKJ series European version jaw crusher is often used for coarse, medium crushing. It belongs to the high-end products of jaw crushers. The SKJ jaw crusher has its particular advantages in structural design, working performances, service life and failure rate.Therefore, it is the first choice for efficient crushing to high hardness and corrosivity materials.At present, China is alredy one of the crusher manufacture powers. because the customs of good policy, jaw crusher into the coastal strip has become an inevitable trend. Especially in the Guangdong region intensified exploitation of mineral resources, I believe Shanghai Shan Kai SKJ European version jaw crusher, capable of a wider range of access to other areas, establish crusher class brand. Learn more>>

Shanghai Shunky Jaw Crusher--Mainstream of the Domestic Machinery

Jaw crusher made by Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. can play its unique effect in multiple construction areas. Shuny jaw crusher, with superior crushing capacity and good stability and advanced technology, is of great significance in construction, coal, railway, mining and other fields.In the acceleration of China's economy process, we mainly rely on advanced professional equipment to help with it. Road and railway construction has become the current main topics. Shunky jaw crusher structure has novel design unique and improved according the special domestic conditions. The adopt of German technology increased material crushing capacity, and greatly reduces the cost, thus improving the efficiency. With cost-effective, it is currently the most powerful crushing machinery among other products.Powerful crushing efficiency and superb production capacity is the major advantage of the Shunky jaw crusher. As we all know, highway construction on aggregate demand higher in quality. Shunky jaw crusher make aggregate in good grain shape, uniform size, fully meet strict national standards for highway. With excellent production and processing capacity, it earned the praise by customer. Choose Shunky jaw crusher, a good helper in your business. Learn more>>

Shunky Analyzes Jaw Plate Wear Reduction Methods

As we all know, jaw crusher is the coarse and medium crushing machine, which breaks materials through the compressing and bending of two jaw plates. The main crushing parts are the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate. When the movable jaw comes close to the fixed jaw, materials are compressed and broken. On the country, when the two left far from each other, blocks smaller than the discharging part will be discharged out from the bottom. Therefore, the protection of jaw plates is particularly important. Then how to reduce jaw plate wears? Ways of reducing jaw plate wear: the new jaw plate must be fixed tight and properly installed, reaching smooth contacts with machine surfaces. A layer of material of good plasticities can be used as a good cushion between the jaw and the jaw crusher in surfaces. Each batch of materials into the crusher, sampling examination should be carried out. Once major changes occurs in material natures, the parameters of crushers need changing timely to adapt to the feeding materials. Plate of jaw crusher must be made of high hardness, wear resistance, and strong anti-impact stengths materials. Cement enterprises with mine crushing line technologies can exchange the jaw plate in corse crushing of mines with the jaw plate used in the fine curshing of cement industry. The worn jaw plate can also be repaired through bead weld technology.Shanghai Shunky Machinery is a professional manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment. Shunky machinery welcome your visit. Learn more>>

Jaw Crusher Needs Full Preparation Before Starting

Jaw crushers in China has a history of several decades. In terms of crushing equipment, we should not be unfamiliar. And the staffs in the mines, sandstone and other places are most likely to see the jaw crusher. We may all know how to use the equipment, but for the notices for attention we may have no idea about it. Every time, before we start the machine, we have to be well prepared before. Only in this way can we guarantee the normal work of the jaw crusher.Then, let’s learn how to prepare for it before we start the machine:Firstly, check whether the device is placed firm and whether the anchor bolt is fastened.Second, whether the rotation links of the bearings, main shaft and thrust plate have enough lubricating grease.Three, whether the belt pulley, feeding port, and discharging port are well protectedFour, there is no debris or ore materials in the crushing cavity. If any, empty it.The above is the preparation work before the starting of the work of crushing machine. Since the Jaw crusher is simple, the preparation before the start of the machine I relatively simple. In the daily work, operators should also check and update in time. Learn more>>

For the Long-term Operation of Jaw Crusher, What Preparations Should We Do

Jaw crusher is one of the crushing equipment. It not only has common properties belong to all crushers but its own unique characteristics. In case of long-term use of jaw crushers, the machine needs to do anti-rust work. Moreover, anti-rust is the most necessary work to do while an equipment do not operate for a long term. Especially for jaw crusher which is working outside for most times. The following aspects must be noted, if a jaw crusher is left unused for a long time. First of all, if possible, we can transported the unused jaw crushers indoors to prevent rain erosion. If unable to move the equipment, we can cover the jaw crusher with awning or plastic sheet. As for rust, we can slow down the rusty of equipment through stencilling anti-rust paint on the surfaces of the machine which is contacted with the air directly. In fact, anti-rust is a common work for any devices. Only by doing a good anti-rust work can jaw crusher keep longer smooth operation. Secondly, corrosion and lubrication need to be taken into account. Large scale machinery equipment is generally forged with iron or steels. It is easily oxidized in the air, so we have to daub paint for anti-corrosion. At the same time, we need to do a good lubrication work, in order to avoid the machine burned down by the high temperature produced by frictions. At last, it is the dismantling of Jaw Crusher triangle belt and motor. Triangle belt and motor all need to spray anti-rust paint. Therefore, after removing these parts, we need to put them in a dry environment. So, they won’t be corroded and damaged. Learn more>>

Shanghai Shunky Help to Know the Development of Jaw Crusher

Vary in models it has its own advantages in crushing material and similar working principle. Technology is limitless Shanghai Shunky has continued to develop for advanced technology with inherited experience. Jaw crusher is important crushing equipment for a long time. Jaw crusher is relatively easy to operate and inexpensive with simple structure favored by customers. Its development process is also well documented.In 1858, the first jaw crusher came out. It is simple pendulum jaw crusher. Jaw Crusher has strength in crushing, and the light liner in low wear ratio but bulky structure. The efficiency can meet the needs of production when production efficiency is low, and improved with the progress of the times. Then the people improved this kind of old and bulky machines. on the one hand to revise old model, on the other hand creating new models, so the compound pendulum jaw crusher came into being. There are some changes different from the first jaw crusher, but people did not give up on the transformation of jaw crusher. Then they create a new model: comprehensive swing jaw crusher. It has the advantage of simple pendulum jaw crusher and compound pendulum swing machines, large crushing strength as simple pendulum machine and low weariness. It is also do well in motioning with high production efficiency like compound pendulum machine. Vary in models it has its own advantages in crushing material and similar working principle. Technology is limitless Shanghai Shunky has continued to develop for advanced technology with inherited experience. Learn more>>