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Powerful JCE Jaw Crusher Aids the Users of Mining Industry

In today's trend of social development, JCE jaw crusher made by Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co, Ltd plays an important role. Not only has a strong crushing capacity, but also it provides high quality aggregate for the industry in big construction project.Shunky JCE jaw crusher references the latest EU standards to revise design, advanced and reasonable. The whole device uses integrated steel structure to ensure that it is more powerful in high hard material crushing. And the machine is greatly improved in efficiency. The shortening of the entire process make the economic efficiency is greatly improved. Overall steel bearing also ensures full cooperation with the frame, which greatly enhancing the radial strength of the bearing seat, while split bearing not. Many of the features make Shunky JCE jaw crusher more stable in performance.As the leading manufacturer specializing in machinery, Shunky European version JCE jaw crusher earns the praise overwhelmingly. It is inseparable from strong crushing efficiency and easy installation. During the installation operation, the JCE jaw crusher is simpler and not subjected to working site. It also saves costs and reduces consumption for the majority of industry users. Learn more>>

Shunky Jaw Crusher’s Application in Bauxite

As we concerned, there are 49 countries have bauxite resources. China has abundant bauxite about 3.7 billion tons, ranking the highest in the world, and keeping up with Guinea, Australia, and Brazil. But the bauxite cannot play its effect before processed or crushed.Although bauxite is very common in many countries, only China and Guyana now can make use of bauxite resources for the production of refractory material. Other countries mostly use it for bauxite aluminum and abrasive materials. As country for steel producing, China has greater demand for refractory material, so it is particularly important to take advantage of bauxite mineral resources.After processed and crushing, bauxite can become higher-value refractory material. As a famous crusher manufacturer, Shanghai Shunky in order to make full use of China's bauxite mineral resources, senior technical staff specifically improved crushers like jaw crusher according to its own unique characteristics and compressive strength bauxite. Bauxite ore crushing currently is highly praised by users. Welcome to visit our company if interested, Shunky will provide you with worry free service. Learn more>>

Tips for Jaw Crusher to Improve the Quality

Since science and technology develop fast, mining machinery industry is pushed forward, which accelerated the frequency of equipment replacement. Jaw crusher is the earliest equipment, developing for a long stage, and greatly improved in many respects. We can also improve the quality of the following aspects.Quality is an important factor for jaw crusher to survive. The quality of equipment is the core of development for enterprise. For the primary crushing equipment, productivity and performance won’t be pledged if quality is not guaranteed, so the quality is what we must pay attention to win market share. so let us look at the matter we need to pay attention to in this process.For improving the quality, the following tips are necessary:1. First priority is texture. For any equipment, material selection can not be ignored. Excellent material can withstand a variety of harsh conditions and stand the test in the processing.2. The improvement in technology. Manufacturers are actively introducing advanced technology at home and abroad, and promoting their products with the power of innovation. Ultimately they achieve the goal of higher quality.3. R & D of products should not be underestimated in every detail, especially the data must be accurate. A little mistake may cause trouble.Jaw crusher manufacturer should make greater efforts in the quality of equipment, which is the best solution for long-term survival in the fierce market competition. This is the only way for customers’ satisfaction and better development. Learn more>>

The Wide Application of Jaw Crusher in Many Industries and Fields

Among modern buildings, people always appreciate jaw crusher. Because it crushes large stones, which satisfies people requirements. It is a type of perfect crushing equipment in fact. The emphasis is its great role in the industry and the relatively rapid development speed.About the application of jaw crusher in different industries and fields, the involved industries are quite wide, such as mineral exploitation, metallurgy, operation of some sands and production of concrete etc. It seems that the application of jaw crusher plays crucial role and has indispensable effect in the middle. We can have a look at the development of China in recent years. The building industry develops by leaps and bounds. It can help produce sands in big batches and satisfy the demand of market only through the operation of manual machinery equipment. The supplying of market is served for the market demand. Because the crusher has application in many industries and fields, the research, production and manufacturing of this equipment get concern and great support of the country. It promotes the rapid development of jaw crusher in China in recent years and satisfies the supplying and demand of market greatly. Learn more>>

Good Tips for Purchasing Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is the primary equipment in mining industry. So it is indispensable with mining enterprises. Due to its simplicity and relatively low cost, Jaw crusher is favored in the mining industry. Currently there exist a lot of jaw crusher enterprises. Of course, the level is uneven. So how to choose jaw crusher benefited most for their company? Shanghai Shunky jaw crusher has some useful tips for you. First, have a clear cognition about the hardness of raw material. Jaw crusher will have different production for different specification of materials. And then you can determine the appropriate model of jaw crusher model and other equipment. Second, consider the output of stone production line. We should calculate the output. In addition, determine the feeding size, discharging size and material types in advance. This is the premise for buying the type of equipment. Third, make sure the model of jaw crusher, because the performance and model of each jaw crusher will have different settings, so we have to check if the jaw crushers have appropriate accessories. It is better to select the accessories from one manufacturer, Shanghai Shunky will provide you the most appropriate jaw crusher.It is very important to select the appropriate jaw crusher for mining companies, because it is difficult to restructure after jaw crusher fixed completed, so we should be careful in the first step. Learn more>>

Jaw Crusher is Inseparable with Limestone Crushing

Limestone is a kind of important building material. it has a long history in China's construction industry. Apart from the application in Cement, lime, calcium carbide, limestone is indispensable in metallurgy, roads, railways, etc.. In addition, after the ultra-fine grinding of processing, it can be applied to paper, rubber, paint, pharmaceuticals, bonding, polishing and other product.Crushing effect of Jaw crusher is extremely excellent with the cubic shape of finished product. While the other kind of crusher is not good in product quality, but the crushing chamber requires the cushion of materials for protecting the broken wall, which serious waste resources. The jaw crusher chamber adopts high wear-resistant material, no material wasted. And Shanghai Shunky jaw crusher is in good performance, high yield. In recent years, with complete model, and an overall improvement compared to traditional jaw crusher, Shunky jaw crusher is different.In recent years, Shanghai Shunky continuous makes efforts on research and development to improve jaw crusher. Shunky grows in setbacks and develops in difficulties. Shanghai Shunky provides best quality raw materials for the construction, which will greatly benefit the development of China's infrastructure. Learn more>>