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Jaw crusher Create the Record in Economy

In today's social and economic developments, many industries develop based on energy conservation. On the one hand, save resources can contribute to the country, on the other hand, it brings advantages such as saving cost. Many construction industries realize energy savings in the development process through the application of jaw crusher.In working process, a lot of time and resources will be consumed, and in all of these applications of construction industry the consumption of electricity is the most obvious. Although it is supported by electricity, it also caused waste of energy to some extent. However, in terms of jaw crusher, there is little worry about wasting national resources. When using this kind of crushing equipment, there is declining in the magnitude of electricity consumption. According to the relevant data shows that about electricity consumption decreased 1-2KWh a day in limestone crushing by jaw crusher, then those companies can save $ 100,000 by electricity.These funds can be used for other facilities construction and engineering. At the same time, power resources of the nation are tremendous contributed. So by jaw crusher, we can cut costs and create a new record in economic income. Learn more>>

The Diversified Shunky Jaw Crusher has Occupied the Market

Jaw crusher has accounted for a large part of market share, producing qualified or better crusher is the goal of each crusher manufacturer. Diversification is an important and magic strategy to occupy marker. Shunky makes full use of this law and develops suitable crusher for different needs.  There are three series of jaw crushers made by Shanghai Shunky: PE, JCE and SKJ. PE jaw crusher is one of the traditional crusher, and it is the commonest crusher in the market. JCE jaw crusher is made on the basis of introduced foreign advanced technology, its feeding is vert different to that of PE jaw crusher, and its crushing ratio is greatly higher than that of PE. SKJ jaw crusher is the latest designed one, its cavity and discharging hole have been greatly perfected. SKJ jaw crusher is the most advanced jaw crusher in the current market. Shanghai Shunky warmly welcomes customers visit with cost-effective products and perfect after-sales service. Learn more>>

Jaw Crusher Keeps Pace With the Times

For every industry, scientific and technological innovation is essential condition for the development of the industry, so it is the same with crusher making industry. Crusher industry can’t separate with technological innovation. As the technology develops, we have shortened the gap with developed countries. In order not to be eliminated, jaw crusher industry must be constantly upgrading to keep pace with the times, constantly improving technology, and adapt to market changes. Stone crusher is the main equipment of mining machinery industry, and jaw crusher is a kind of typical equipment in mining machinery. Jaw crusher includes coarse and fine jaw crusher. In the production process, we can choose jaw crusher according to the different demands of the finished product. Fine performance, low energy consumption, jaw crusher is suitable for crushing various rocks and minerals, it can also used for mining beneficiation and sand making operations for primary crushing in high yield and efficiency. Because jaw crusher is the representative of crushing industry, it is of great significance for the development of industry. With the update rate of new materials and new technology, jaw crusher upgrades fast and the product performance is getting better. Shanghai Shunky improves performance of jaw crusher, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly. The adaptation of high wear-resistant materials prolonged the service life. It is praised by costumers. Learn more>>

The Application of Jaw Crusher in Cobble Crushing

Cobble is a natural stone, which is generated by the uplift of the ancient riverbed after crustal movement millions of years ago. Typical configuration of lamination device is two set of jaw crushers or jaw crusher + cone crusher. If the client has higher requirements on the final products, an impact crusher is better for plastic, thus a three-stage crushing process configuration is completed.Cobble jaw crusher is mainly used for intermediate crushing of various ores and materials in bulk, and the largest compression resistance of the material to be crushed is 320MPa. Cobble jaw crusher equipment is with simple structure, reliable performance, and low operating cost deep crushing chamber and no dead space improves the feeding capacity and yield high crushing ratio and products granularity in uniformity gasketed discharging opening adjustment is reliable and convenient wide range for adjusting increases the flexibility to meet the demands of different users safe, reliable lubrication system is easy for replacing parts and maintenance energy-saving by 15% to 30% energy saving has doubled less noise and dust. For these unique characteristics, it is more competitive for crushing cobbles. Learn more>>

Skills Tips When Choosing Appropriate Jaw Crusher

With more and more jaw crusher manufacturers joining in the market, the competition is becoming bigger and customer is confused about how to choose right equipment. Different manufacturers produced different crushers with different characteristics. Then, how to work efficiently and reasonably for customers after buying it? This requires customers to know some skills in choosing equipment. The application and performance of different crushers are different. If you want to meet your requirements, the first thing is to know the model of the equipment and its performance. Only in this way can we choose appropriate equipment. When choosing jaw crusher, it is also the same way. We need to compare different factories to ensure the quality of the equipment. The company with power and good reputation can give you better service. The quality of the lining board for the whole equipment is also important. In general, the longer the lining board, the higher the power consumption, power consumption is low- vice versa. For this reason, when choosing equipment, we need to choose proper length of the lining board according to materials. After talking about these skills, I believe that you have known the methods when choosing jaw crusher. Due to the difference in work loading and the materials, it is normal for the appearance of some wear and tear. Shanghai Shunky reminds you that apart from the reliable quality of the product, we also need to communicate with manufactures so as to ensure the best performance of the equipment and improve the whole production efficiency of the crushing work. Learn more>>

Brief Introduction and Classification of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is the machine that its crushing cavity is composed by movable and fixed jaw plates, and complete its crushing work by imitating movement of animal's jaws. Shanghai Shunky Machinery CO., LTD. has classified its jaw crusher into JCE Euro jaw crusher and SKJ Euro jaw crusher. Different name but same function. They are widely used in the crushing bulky and medium material in industries of mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry, etc.The size of fed material is 125mm~1200mm. Jaw crusher's production capacity is different because of different models, and the maximum production capacity can reach 800 t/h. It can process bulky materials such as basalt, granite, limestone, etc. The structure of Shunky jaw crusher is reasonable. Crushing cavity is deep and without blind zone, feeding capacity and yield are improved. Big crushing cavity makes even particle size. This jaw crusher has advantage on the aspect of discharging and lubrication. Learn more>>