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Shunky Jaw Crusher is Specialized in Crushing Bulk materials

The crushing equipment China required for annual economic construction is in large amount. Construction waste generated and accumulation that pollute the environment each year, one of the best solution for such a large number of construction waste jaw is jaw crusher, since it is professional in stone crushing.As the primary crushing equipment, the jaw crusher shows its unique advantages in dealing with the construction waste. Large chunks of waste rock jaw crusher has gradually been eliminated. Our current mechanization is not very high, and there are a lot of space we have, which is also a major opportunity for jaw crusher manufacturers. So, like Shanghai Shunky Machinery as company of large technology, it has been in continuous technological innovation. Only by improving the degree of automation can jaw crusher meet the needs of the mining industry.Jaw crusher for construction waste disposal has become a major trend. In addition to construction waste and mining industry, jaw crusher also applies to roads, construction, cement, building materials and other industries. The obvious advantage of jaw crusher in coarse crushing, secondary and fine crushing will promote the rapid progress of crusher manufacturers and other industries related. Learn more>>

A Sand Washer of Shunky Was Delivered to Vietnam

Vietnam has large demand on sand making machinery, and it is a large market for mining and mining machines. Recently, a sand washer made by Shunky has been delivered to Vietnam, which is not a large order while is significant for Shunky. We connected with the customer on Bauma China for the first time, and the customer was attracted by our new-type 6S series sand making machine. The customer decided to visit us later. We showed them our professional with our workshop, working site pictures and videos and professional knowledge. The customer want to wash the limestone of 4mm, and XSD sand washer is the most suitable machine. As we all know, XSD sand washer is suitable for washing coarse sands below 10mm. And it almost does not need any spare parts and has long life span, which is the best choice for this customer. As a professional manufacturer of sand making plants, Shanghai Shunky ranks top in this industry. It not only has a large share in domestic market but also plays an important role in international market. Besides sand making machineries, Shanghai Shunky also provides high-quality stone crushing plants, stone screening plants and mobile crushing plants for customer. Learn more>>

The Successful Completion-Shunky Annual Meeting of Summary and Awards on Feb. 26, 2015

On Feb. 26, 2015, Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully held its annual summary and awards ceremony, and made the overall plan of 2015. Looking back in 2014, Shunky adapts to economic and social development trend the solid foundation of long-term and comprehensive development, timely adjustment of ideas and strategies, and actively market exploration make Shunky goes well. Shunky always strengthen the objectives and tasks management, working in unit and collaborative, so that accomplishes the goals established by early period of 2014. Looking ahead in 2015, Shunky will optimize existing products and make more efforts on new product development. Find deficiencies in products and repeatedly discussed, offering better quality and service for customers are what Shunky pursuing for. At the same time, R&D efforts in new product to seize the initiative in the fierce competition are necessary. Service quality promotion, customer revisits, after-sales service personnel training, good attitudes towards, and further the enduring hardships cultivation, these are what we will do for training a modest serious, skilled, hard working sales team, which guaranteed all round service for customer. Manager on behalf of Shunky award excellent fitters that still work in the front line, model workers, sales elite, excellent staff, excellent team, which also encourages employees who made outstanding contributions and dedications. During the luncheon, Shunky also held a raffle the most exciting is some unscheduled activities, which attracted staffs and is the climax of that day. It is a year of challenge and opportunity for 2015. “When going gets tough, tough gets going” Shunky called on the firm belief of all employees for challenges and opportunity. By hard work, Shunky will have a stable, harmonious and vibrant team! Learn more>>

Well Begun, Half Done

At the new start of the year 2015, good news of Shanghai Shunky comes one after another. Recently we have successfully exported another jaw crusher and vibrating feeders to Lebanon.All of our stone crushers, vibrating feeders and many other mining equipment can be made according to the customers’ special demands, such as: the color, the motor voltage etc. As we all know, recently the international oil price drops, many countries of the Middle East has been affected deeply. Their domestic economy is floundering, however, Shanghai Shunky has done well in sales of the mining equipment in these countries. Good fame is the best key to success.We have many model customers’ working sites abroad, as well as long-terms cooperators with good relationship. The best service and goods quality are the key to success in the fierce marketing competition environment. And we believe that Shanghai Shunky will have a bright new year. Learn more>>

Shunky Jaw Crusher–Creating World-class Crusher

Jaw crusher is most common used in mining. It is clear that technologies abroad are much better than crafts at home, so how can we make it in the world class? Shanghai Shunky summarized years of experience and efforts. Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. knows that domestic jaw crusher is far from international standard, but it does not mean that the jaw crusher is of poor quality. China's crushing technology still has large room for improvement, which is an opportunity and challenge. Shanghai Shunky and other domestic crusher manufacturers should increase research and development of technology, so as to catch up with the world's most advanced technology. While at the same time, domestic manufacturing is an important part for domestic jaw crusher levels. It has a long way to go. We believe that in the near future, jaw crusher manufacturers of domestic will make our jaw crusher levels some day a first-class in jaw crusher making.Faced with opportunities of giant jaw crusher development, Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co. Ltd. lays efforts in governance research and design efforts to keep pace with the development of the world. In the future, Shanghai Shunky jaw crusher is scheduled to reach the world class one. Learn more>>

Maintenance of Shanghai Shunky Jaw crusher in the Cold Winter

Cold winter brings inconvenience for us, at the same time, mechanical crusher will be affected in operation, so we need to make maintenance and repair in winter.When Shunky jaw crusher works at low temperatures in the open air, the bearings, lubrication system need maintenance in priority.In the usage of jaw crusher: 1. Frequent inspect for the components of the jaw cruser regularly ensures the normal operation. 2. Timely replace grease. Lubrication of crusher parts is very important in low winter temperatures. Long time used black grease must be replaced, but also pay attention to the extent of low temperature grease. Timely replacing lubrication oil ensures the friction surface work smoothly. In the cold winter, maintenance work can reduce costs and extend the lifespan of jaw crusher.Shanghai Shunky machinery, with many years advanced technical experience, has unique technique in maintenance. Customer should pay attention to it for smooth production in this cold winter. Learn more>>