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The Structure Characteristics of Jaw Crusher and the Caring Matters before Use

Among many crushing machines, the jaw crusher that has unique advantages is welcomed by most consumers. It is determined by the advantages of the structure of jaw crusher. Some jaw crushers with high quality on the market adopt the manganese steels with high strength. Furthermore, its production technology is advanced by one-time casting foundry. So, although the structure is relatively simple, its performance is high. Compared with ordinary crushing equipment, the jaw crusher has the advantages of strong compressive ability, high production efficiency and good wear resistance. Of course, for the jaw crusher, some matters which are paid attention to before use can also prolong the service life of equipment. First of all, before use, we must check the links between some of the fasteners. If there are loose parts, some reinforcing measures should be made timely. Besides, the operators should check whether the lubrication of some important parts is in good condition. For some important parts’ lubrication situation, we can check them through the test run. In addition to the above two points, before the formal work of jaw crusher, we should check the crushing cavity to guarantee there is no residual material and foreign body. Without checking, they will affect the normal operation of the jaw crusher, and even lead to the damage of equipment. In addition, in the process of operation, the operator should strictly in accordance with the standards. Learn more>>

Innovation Improves the Update of Jaw Crusher

The increasing demand for stone crusher drives the promotion in technology and machining of machinery equipment. As the most important crusher, the update of jaw crusher is significant. Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, Shanghai shunkys jaw crusher has update in different aspects. Firstly, the life span of machine and spare parts has been lengthened largely. Shanghai shunky choose the advanced raw material which is more durable and harder. The longer life span of machine and spare parts reduce customers operating costs. Secondly, the more advanced technology is used. Hydraulic system is the developing trend of machinery. Shanghai shunky applied the hydraulic system to the crusher perfectly, which improves the efficiency and automation degree. Also, the design of jaw crusher has been improved. The optimized crushing cavity and compact structure save the floor space and increase the capacity. Shanghai shunky know that only innovation can drive faster development and puts the technology and innovation in the first place consistently. Besides the jaw crusher, Shanghai shunky has also improved the technology of other crushers including hydraulic cone crusher, hydraulic impact crusher, new-type sand making machine and so on. Shanghai shunky improves its service network at the same time, and gets high reputation in this industry. Learn more>>

Small Jaw Crusher Is Widely Welcomed with Its Convenient Operation and Easy Maintenance

At present, the number of the use of small jaw crushers in the market has been far more than the large ones. There are two main reasons for this. First of all, compared with the larger crusher, the small one has lower production costs without lowering its efficiency. With the advantage of energy saving, it can keep enough production efficiently. For the consumers, they prefer to choose some crushers with reasonable price and high production efficiency and production. Second, some small jaw crusher has relatively small size and simple structure, so its maintenance is more convenient. For some consumers who need to transport the equipment to factory for repair, the small equipment is very convenient in transportation. In addition to the reduction of the costs in the transportation, it can also reduce the costs of maintenance and reduce the waste of energy. In addition, it will be more convenient for the maintenance of small jaw crusher, which mainly displays in the simple process in cleaning the equipment and the lubrication for some key parts and convenient operation of equipment. Some current jaw crusher has simple structure, when doing maintenance, the operator just needs to pay special attention to some key parts. However, for some big crushing equipment, the maintenance process not only needs a lot of maintenance products, but also is more time-consuming and laborious. Learn more>>

Shanghai Shunky Jaw Crusher Supports the Railway Construction in a Powerful Way

In the process of economic development in our country, we still give first priority to increase the construction of the railway. The jaw crusher produced by Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. plays an important role in the process of railway construction. It can help to provide qualified basic aggregates to the industry users, and play its unique role in railway construction.In the process of the railway construction, basic aggregate is related to the quality of the project. Shunky jaw crusher is advanced in crushing technology and reasonable in its structure design. When crushing the large and super hard rock or ore, it can effectively crush the material into the shape the uses required. And the product quality fully meets the national standards for building materials.Ballast stone for railway building has higher requirements for the quality, for the uniform size is related to the stable performance of the base. The aggregate size of Shunky jaw crusher is very uniform. The jaw crusher can crush extremely large materials, and shape of the product can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the needs of users, which makes it economical, time saving and effort saving.In today’s rapid development of domestic professional mechanical equipment, Shunky still relies on its own advantages, and creates a better professional equipment to provide better service to the society. With advanced business philosophy, Shunky actively introduces the latest international technology, and opens a good start for the progress and development of domestic crushing industry. In order to change the phenomenon that the production and processing capacity of machinery equipment is weak in our country, efforts must be made. Learn more>>

Shanghai Shunky Jaw Crushers Make Construction Waste Disappear

With the development of urbanization in our country, demolition and construction are made in many areas. A great deal of construction waste can be seen everywhere. The waste causes unnecessary troubles to the local residents. How to dispose of the waste has become a headache matter to the industry users. Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd actively researches and develops jaw crushers according to the current development tendency. Such crushers not only have super strong crushing effects, but also are applicable to the crushing of construction waste. It plays a beneficial role in the progress of urbanization.The design of Shunky jaw crushers is scientific and reasonable. International advanced technical experiences are introduced. Great quality and processes are praised highly by the insiders. Strong crushing processes changed the previous limitation of the crushers. The effects become much stronger. All kinds of crushing can be made to super large and hard rocks and ores. Crushing power gets doubled. Additionally, the effect after crushing is called perfect. It satisfies the industry users. Adjustments can be made according to users’ needs. It is advanced, time and labor saving. The service life of such crushers is prolonged. High-tech components are included. Installation technology is also quite advanced. They can be installed without site restriction. They are particularly suitable for crushing large materials. Shunky jaw crushers have become the first preferred crushing equipment in our country. Learn more>>

Shanghai Shunky Jaw Crusher,the Bane of Construction Waste

In the recent years, with the constant warming of the real estate industry, the exploitation tendency in every place is increasing, so the construction waste produced by it has become a difficult problem. It affects the environment and is bad for environmental protection. How to eliminate the construction waste has to be solved by professional departments. Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd depends on its own advantages to research and develop new crushing products in order to serve our society better. The jaw crushers produced have super strong crushing capacities, and are able to make coarse and secondary crushing to super large and hard materials.  Shunky jaw crushers have super strong effects in crushing construction wastes. They are capable of turning super large waste into small blocks, so they are good for transportation and subsequent process. The recycling of the construction waste is also a difficult problem in our modern society. How to turn the waste into wealth is a focus question that insiders concentration on. In the limited resources, continuous exploitation has destroyed our environment. It’s time to stop that. Therefore, recycling of all sorts of construction waste is imperative.  The jaw crushers researched and devleoped by Shunky Company have strong functions and great filtering crushing effects. The construction waste can be crushed to the particle shapes needed by users, thereby achieving the condition of recycling and processing.   Shunky Company has the management concept of taking a broad and long-term view. It considers for what customers think of. New contributions are made to set up the most professional machinery manufacturer in our country. Learn more>>