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Jaw Crusher Originates from Shunky

Jaw crusher is also known as tiger mouth. Its chamber is made up of one movable jaw and one fixed jaw. Jaw crusher completes its operation by simulating jaws’ movement of animals. It is widely used in industries like mining, smelting, construction materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical engineering and does medium size crushing of all kinds of rocks and big material. The best compression strength of those materials is 320 Mpa.  When jaw crusher was worked, it is inevitable that some trouble will be happened. Don’t panic when the working crusher suddenly stop. The worker should first check it rather than fixing it blindly, and must looking for a professional technician to deal with it. The following is a simple introduction to the reasons that sudden stop of crusher and some solutions for those problems.  1.The blocked discharge opening causes full plugging material in crushing cavity. Sweeping away plugging material in discharge opening to make sure that material flowing unblocked.   2.The V belt driven by sheave is too loose, resulted in belt slippage. Tightening or changing the V belt could solve this kind of problem.   4.The work-site’s voltage is very low so that jaw crusher cannot work well when there is big material in the main engine. Shanghai Shunky suggests that the voltage in work-site should be adjusted, and make it meet the voltage requirement of the main engine.   5.The bearing of crusher is damaged. Thus the damaged bearing should be changed. Learn more>>

Development of Jaw Crusher tends to diversify

In the mining machinery industry, jaw crusher is the oldest crusher. So almost everyone know this crusher. It’s large crushing capacity and practicality bring recognition and acceptance. The crushing industry has injected new strength in the new century, there is endless variety of crusher equipment, but jaw crusher is still favored by many manufacturers, no matter froma practical matter, energy efficiency, or in terms of production efficiency.Shanghai Shunky is an earlier mining machinery enterprises. Basedon the status, our company developed a variety of equipment. Jaw crusher, notonly has played a pivotal role in many domestic production line, andsuccessfully entered the international market. Broad market makes manymanufacturers competing to produce the device, but the demand of the customeris different. Shunky always adhere to scientific and technological innovation, andintroduce international advanced technology. Leading the market with first-class production       technology. We will pay more attention to improve the comprehensiveability of the device on the future. The development of market is unpredictable, jaw crusher wouldlike to be diversified development to meet thedifferent needs of variousindustries. After years of effort, we developed PE, JCE, SKJ different seriesof jaw crusher. There is large size and small size. Successful developed of Mobilestation greatly expand the application fields of equipment, enhance theflexibility of the device, giving customers more convenience. Learn more>>

How Much Do You Know about Jaw Crusher Frame?

Jaw crusher is a kind of traditional stone crusher equipment, which is used in construction, chemical, highway industry. It is the top choice for primary crushing. Jaw crusher is famous for simple structure, easy maintenance and high efficiency, the above of which are the reasons of its enduring appeal. Frame is a very important part of crusher, so how much do you know about it? Now I will introduce two kinds of common used frame. The quality of frame decides the life span of jaw crusher, so it is very cultured in raw material and structure of the frame. In general, there are two kinds of whole frame which are welding frame and casting frame according to the different machining. The above frames are often used for small and medium-sized crusher. The high-quality material for jaw crushers is with light weight and good rigidity, which is convenient for transporting and durable. Another kind is modular frame, which is more suitable for large crusher. The components are assembled by bolts and retainer pin. These two types of frame have their own specific advantages and are suitable for different jaw crushers. Jaw crusher suppliers can recommend suitable frames for customers according to their different demands. Learn more>>

Paying Attention to Environmental Protection, Shunky Opens a New Era of Sustainable Development

In recent years, following the freezing weather in the southern areas and the drought in the north, the temperature in the whole country is too high. Nature has sent a wake-up call to us. The era is in the development, and our society is in progress, but the environment we live in is becoming worse. Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd, as an international well-known mining machinery manufacturer, is the first to launch energy saving jaw crusher, which helps open a new era for the sustainable development of jaw crusher industry.In the eyes of many people, the production site of jaw crusher must be noisy and dusty. It seems this production site quite far away from the green environmental protection. It is because of this kind of phenomenon of traditional jaw crusher that the environmental protection and energy saving ability should be vigorously promoted. Knowing this fact, Shanghai Shunky takes environmental protection and economic sustainable development as its own responsibility. Shunky invests a lot of manpower cost, develops and produces the new and efficient environmental protection jaw crusher, introduces advanced production technology from developed countries, and launches SKJ euro jaw crusher. This jaw crusher is not only high in grinding efficiency but also low in energy consumption and noise. It is a real energy conservation and environmental protection equipment.Protecting the environment, everyone has its duty. Only to protect our survival environment can enterprises develop themselves. Shunky will continue to intensify its force in research and development, and make its best efforts to contribute to both the development of environmental protection jaw crusher and the sustainable development of the economy. Learn more>>

Jaw Crusher is Indispensable in the Transportation Construction in Our Country

If you want to rich, first build roads. In recent years, our country promotes the building of urban basic road and southwest transportation construction, which increases the demand for sand aggregate. Shanghai Shunky jaw crusher is the best equipment to crush the ore stone effectively.Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research and development of crushing equipment for many years. It has lots of research, production, and technological introduction experience of crushing equipment. Shunky has provided countless crushing equipment, especially of jaw crusher, for many cities, which makes it able to withstand the challenge of market and other jaw crusher manufacturers. It has gone through more than 30 years of ups and downs, and still stands in crushing equipment manufacturing industry. It gets the praise of many customers and manufacturers. The European jaw crusher produced by Shanghai Shunky this year jaw crusher is the main crusher equipment in southwest area. It is used as the primary crushing equipment.Shanghai Shunky new euro jaw crusher is a kind of high wear-resisting, easy maintenance jaw crusher after years of research and analysis, according to the traditional jaw crusher. It overcomes the original problems like short service life, many times of maintenance, high failure rate, etc, which makes it play an important role in the construction of transportation. Learn more>>

Efficient and Wearless Jaw Crusher

Shunky efficient and wearless jaw crusher is also called deep-cavity jaw crusher. Based on traditional jaw crusher, it adopts hyperboloidal jaw plate and the abrision is small. Under the same technology condition, the durability of jaw plate can be prolonged by 3 40 4 times. The effect is especially obvious for highly abrasive materials. The cavity is deep and has no dead zone, which improves feeding capacity and yield. Though the crusher cannot be compared with single-stage jaw crusher, it has significant effect in refractories, high-quality glass, white cement and other industries that have strict demand for abrision. Besides, it has coarse crushing and fine crushing models. The jaw crusher is now second only to single-stage jaw crusher. Learn more>>